Gallery Weekend Invades Madrid with its Contemporary Art Proposals

Chema Madoz. Galería Elvira González.

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The opening of the ninth edition of the Gallery Weekend took place in Madrid from September 13 to the 16th, and it invited us to take a closer look into the world of contemporary art. These exhibitions will be open until mid November. With them, Madrid turns every year, after the summer, into a referent of the art of our time. This cultural date’s goal is “not only to promote contemporary art, but to bridge the gap between the general public and the contemporary art that sometimes seems so difficult to understand. So people can walk into a gallery without being afraid to ask questions,” said Sabrina Amrani, president of Arte_Madrid association.

Patricia Camry. Emoticons x M2. Ponce+Robles

The Celebration of Contemporary Art

Paintings, photographies, sculptures, and installations are spread among the different cultural spaces in the 50 galleries that are part of the Arte_Madrid association. Museums such as the Queen Sofia National Art Center Museum, the Thyssen Museum, the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, and the Dos de Mayo Art Center propose guided visits. Private collections, like the one from SOLO Space, open their doors to an international celebration of contemporary art in which we are all guests. This is an opportunity to learn what’s currently happening in the world of art, and to make contemporary art accessible to all of us.

Gabriela Bettini. Primavera silenciosa. Galería silvestre.

Art as a Witness to its Time

In the vineyards, preceding each row, it’s customary to plant a rosebush. Although both the vines and the rosebush are sensitive to fungi, the latter shows symptoms of infection first. Being more vulnerable than the vine to fungi, the rosebush works as an indicator of the best moment to apply treatment to the vineyard. In an analogous way, we could say that artists are rosebushes and societies are vineyards. History has shown that art is an indicator of the events and trends of its time. An Augur of our state, it presciently reveals what’s happening to us as a society an instant before we are conscious of it. That’s why it’s so important to approach contemporary art, because it shows us today what is yet to come, through a direct and universal language. And the Gallery Weekend is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Jesús Soto. Soto Múltiple. Galería Cayón.

Photography: Oscar Rivilla
Music: Dr. Symptosizer
Conceptual Design: Carolina Verd


Main picture:
Jumpsuit and ankle boots by Zadig & Voltaire, courtesy of Globally
White shirt with black checks by Liujo, courtesy of Finally

Picture 2:
Trousers by Zadig & Voltaire, shirt by Ba&sh and boots by
Doctor Marteens, courtesy of Globally

Picture 3:

Leather pants, striped T-shirt, and jacket by Zadig & Voltaire, courtesy of Globally
Shoes by Deichmann

Picture 4:
Black dress by Zadig & Voltaire, courtesy of Globally
Plaid peed-toe ankle boots by Liujo, courtesy of Finally

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