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I want to share with you my vision of art and fashion as sources of inspiration and forms of expression. Fashion has always had arte resemblances; maybe it would have a full meaning if would have a clearer artistic foundation.

I come from a bilingual family. My mother is Swede; my father, Spaniard; my world, a mixing of cultures.

My immersion in art started with my dad –artist, architect, and drawing teacher at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid–, who took me to meet and study the great masters all around Europe. Now I repeat and carry on this family school with my daughters, Olivia and Matilda.

While I studied law, I completed my artistic education in several academies, where I learned and perfected many techniques, from hyperrealist drawing to sculpture. This allowed me to master shape and color, and gave me the freedom to chase my own artistic voice/expression/artistic personality.

When I was 16 I became a model. My work took me all over the world. Living in cities such as London, Hamburg, and Cape Town consecrated me as a citizen of the world. During that time, I nourished myself with visions and aesthetic conceptions that, along with my artistic education, gave me the self-confidence to use my manner of dress as a form of expression.