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In the vineyards, preceding each row, it’s customary to plant a rosebush. Although both the vines and the rosebush are sensitive to illness, the latter shows symptoms of infection first. Being more vulnerable than the vine to fungi, the rosebush works as an indicator of the best moment to apply treatment to the vineyard. In an analogous way, we could say that artists are rosebushes and societies are vineyards. History has shown that art is an indicator of the events and trends of its time. An Augur of our state, it presciently reveals what’s happening to us as a society an instant before we are conscious of it. That’s why it’s so important to approach contemporary art, because it shows us today what is yet to come, through a direct and universal language.

My name is Carolina Verd, I’m an artist and a model. I want to share with you my vision about art and fashion as witnesses of our time.

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