Create without rushing

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From 12 April to 9 June, Tabacalera is hosting the exhibition crear / sin / prisa (create without rushing). The show brings together a range of pieces from the collection of works by the creative platform, crear / sin / prisa. Pottery, textiles, glasswork, plasterwork and carpentry are the disciplines used to make the artworks on show, created for the Cervezas Alhambra Award for Emerging Art and exhibited at ARCO over the last three years. In common among all these pieces is a focus on the city of Granada and its sensorial universe.

Asunción Molinos Gordo
Dunia, Mulk, Yabarut, 2018

Stop more, feel more

This exhibition seems designed as a wake-up call, to make us conscious of the breakneck speed at which we fly through existence; it’s an invitation to realise what’s happening and to land. With this in mind, the artists and artisans participating in the exhibition all use materials that require a lengthy process of creation, spotlighting the slow, hand-crafted nature of works conceived to be appreciated with all our senses. Through these works, visitors are encouraged to pause and observe light, colour, shapes, sounds and aromas. Together, the artworks serve to attract our attention and encourage us to enjoy every nuance of contemporary handcrafted creativity.

Kiko Pérez
El holandés errante, 2018

Art as a wake-up call

Mónica Planes
Arca de Granada (en cuatro puertas giratorias)

I visited the exhibition keen to explore every hidden corner of the space, to appreciate the dedication, love and painstaking attention in the tiny details of each artwork. I set out to enjoy them with all my senses.

Traditional crafts follow certain rules and demand that artists be highly skilled, exacting and capable of producing their works with the most appropriate media. Indirectly, these pieces also speak of our present-day, a world at dizzying speed, and the constant bombardment of ephemeral information, which makes us live at a lightning pace. I ask myself: being exposed to so many inputs, what effect will it have on humanity? Will it end up eroding our memory? Artists and artisans seem eager to call out this situation and, through their works, remind us to halt, meditate and become aware of the risk that we run. We learn through sensory perception and perhaps, if we let ourselves be carried away, we might not notice the truly important things that appear in our path; they’ll whiz by, fleeting events on a route traced at full speed. Opportunely, this exhibition challenges us to feel our feet on the ground and take time out from our frenetic racing to value time, space and life itself.    

Nacho Carbonell
El Patio, 2018

Exposition: crear / sin / prisa from 12 April to 9 June in Tabacalera

Curator: Alicia Ventura

Photography: Oscar Rivilla

Translation: Rebekah Jane Rhodes

Music: Dr Symptosizer

Art Director: Carolina Verd

Fashion: colored sneakers by Nike