The Usefulness of the Useless

Carolina Verd - La utilidad de lo inútil 1

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Nuccio Ordine’s book, The Usefulness of the Useless, is going to help me explain to you why I consider art so important for our souls. Through it, I will be able to illustrate the objective of my personal project of coming closer to art and its ways of expression and to experimentation as a way of deepening in it. I’m going to explain the objective of this blog: share with you this path, make you part of my experimentation. I believe art is necessary to all of us.

Carolina Verd utilidad de lo inutil

The Necessity of Art in our Society

In his book, Nuccio Ordine explains that in our society each choice, each word, each movement is responding to a personal benefit, to an utilitarian logic that imposes a material benefit. The idea of cultivating a passion or an interest in the name of a disinterested and unjustified pleasure doesn’t find a fertile field in our society. Ordine claims that we live in a utilitarianism dictatorship. What is the use of reading poetry or listening to a symphony or visiting the Prado Museum? “In the universe of the utilitarianism, a hammer is worth more than a symphony, a knife more than a poem, and a monkey wrench more than a painting: because it is easy to understand the efficacy of a tool while it is ever more difficult to understand the utility of music, literature, or art.” Art and its ways of expression are a free act without a precise purpose; useless, because it can’t be counted in financial terms, but necessary for expressing with its existence an alternative value to the supremacy of the market’s and the profit’s rules. “If one cannot understand the usefulness of the useless and the uselessness of the useful, one cannot understand art; and a country in which art is not understood is a country of slaves and robots, a country of unhappy people who neither laugh nor smile, a country without mind or spirit.”

Foto 3

Approach, Sensitization, and Deepening in the Art World

From my point of view, there’re three ways for approaching, increase sensitivity, and deepening in the art world; the three are equally necessary; they feed and nourish each other. Firstly, the intellectual approach. This way helps us to try to understand the artist, to figure out what he was trying to express with his art, to understand the historical circumstances that surrounded him, and to relate his art to the art of other artists who belonged to his time and the same movements he did. Secondly, the sensitization way. This is perception through our personal relationship with a piece of art; it consists in a closest recognition and an intimate listening and interpretation through the development of the ability of feeling, connecting, and be moved by the emotions that the piece of art awakens in us. And the third way, the experimentation. The crafty path to approach art are, in my case, the workshops. They make closer to my own world what I have intellectually learned and  what I have achieved from a personal dialog with the piece of art. The center of my project of approach to art is through a crafty way, through experimentation.

You, who had started the path of approaching the art world, share it! That’s the only way we’ll be able, as a civilization, to don’t forget where we come from and to know how to present ourselves in the future.

Let me ask you something: Do you think art, its manifestation, and its assessment are just for a few?, how can we make it more accessible?

Photography: Oscar Rivilla
Conceptual design: Carolina Verd
Styling: Renée Lopez de Haro
Fashion by Finally
Long sleeve red-velvet dress by  Antonio García
Ankle strap shoes by Stuart Weitzman

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  1. You raise an interesting issue in the usefulness of the useless…. in 30 years time when robots do all our current work, we might only have the useless left…. creativity, art, music etc….. we might return to our humanness after all ?

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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