Russian Dada?


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Feet up, the curtain rises;
a square, black as a secret,
watches with a dark gaze.
Mark of its time,
absurd new questions,
perverse opera bites, moves and gets in the way.

Art, unreason of disaster,
activates senses still undefined
by words.
As if it were hiding new doubts.
Upside down, regardless of where it hangs.

Dada a Budetliane* weapon.
Denial will be its striking blow,
the first page a well defined square.
A flat system of beliefs
always looking forward.

Disharmonic displacement.
We divide ingenious and absurd explosives.
A shake up, change the strings,
release the Sun, unlock the laughter, break.
Body soft structure, geometric disguises.

Star needed and unneeded,
come down and do something useful.
And the feet? Feet up on the table, if you don’t have any other way how to. What’s new?


*Budetliane: men of the future, how the Russian dadaists call themselves.

Exhibition: Until October 22, Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia Dadá ruso

Special guest: the Sun

Photography: Oscar Rivilla

Music: Dr. Symptosizer

Conceptual design: Carolina Verd

Location: Restaurant El Cosaco, Madrid

Fashion courtesy of Globally:

Central Park Pendant Catalina D´Anglade

First picture:

Flowery blouse by Intropia

Trousers by Zadig&Voltaire

Black and Red Flowers Scarf by Pepe Jeans

Mukai Aunt Sally Shoes by Dr. Martens

Second picture:

Embroidered long khaki dress by Intropia

Cauldron color fur coat by Zadig&Voltaire

Botas Eye Technique Dr. Martens

Third picture:

Red dress with shiny threads by Intropia

Nyberg Aunt Sally Boots by Dr. Martens

Forth and fifth picture:

Plaid pants by Zadig&Voltaire

Embroidered beige blouse by Intropia

Flowery boots by Dr. Martens

Fashion courtesy of Finally, scarf by Desigual

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