PHotoESPAÑA XX Anniversary

1 Carolina Verd PHotoESPAÑA XX

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PhotoESPAÑA has invaded Madrid from June 6 to August 26, and we’ll be able to visit 100 exhibitions with works by 514 artists. The international photography and visual arts festival is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. In this edition, its director, Claude Bussac, has highlighted the exhibition’s commitment to playing, understood as a “ludic attitude” of the image, and to a “transgressive vision.”  

2 Carolina Verd PHotoESPAÑA XX

Snapshots of Our Every Day

The photography focused on capturing images, colorful moments of our life, are part of our every day. Festivals such as PHotoESPAÑA allow us to confirm that photography is more than the reproduction of reality, or of a fragment or an instant of reality: Photography is art. We will learn about illumination, perspective, composition, and depth by observing it.

3 Carolina Verd PHotoESPAÑA XX

Art in Image

What attracts me the most about photography is feeling the harmony that emanates from it, to be delighted in the light it reflects, the depth it collects, the rhythm of its composition, the capture of an instant full of strength and vitality, through a photographer’s lense. Through that unique perspective, the photographer takes me to unknown places; he introduces me to faces that tell me stories, that take me on a journey to new places, to other worlds; he denounces uncomfortable realities; he arouses emotions. Photos are journeys. The photographer hooks us with an image, through which he shows us his personal point of view regarding an idea and provokes a reaction in us. Unlike other visual arts, photography is not a representation, interpretation, or imitation of an idea, but rather a trace of one. A photo captures a moment in the time-space of its reality.

4 Carolina Verd PHotoESPAÑA XX


After visiting the exhibitions in the different museums and after talking about the images that attracted us the most and why, we’ll do a very special workshop. As an experiment, we’ll transform the room by safely covering the lamps with red cellophane to change its illumination. In our playboard -to get in sync with Bussac’s purpose- we’ll have white paper, pens, markers, and black pencils. We’ll experiment with the tones that the room’s red light gives to the paper, simulating the effect of light in a photo. What will happen? I’ll tell you all about it on social networks.

Photography: Oscar Rivilla
Conceptual design: Carolina Verd
Fashion courtesy of Globally
Main picture:
dress Intropia
sunglasses Longchamp
Second picture:
jeans Pepe jeans
skirt Pepe jeans
kerchief Zadig&Voltaire
Third picture:
suit Zadig&Voltaire
sunglasses Clavin Klein
shoes Converse
Fourth picture:
dress and Gainsborough hat Intropia
shoes by Repetto

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