Basquiat, black is art

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Anti art, SAMO*, that’s my song;
anti art,
art’s now a religion.
I’m the king. Take it in!
And me, what’s there to tell?
Here your artwork’s only valued if it sells.

Anti art, I’m a creator and a rebel;
anti art,
it’s raw, purest kind of art I saw.
Rage against the system with everything I know.
Don’t like my style? I can add a pretty bow.

Anti art, I rip the muzzle off;
anti art,
And now they love it, the art they scoffed.
Hear my cry;
‘coz he’s become a legend that black guy,
a crown on his head, if you can reach that high.

Anti art, fruit of this society so hollow;
anti art,
colour, sound and words for you to swallow.
They brainwash us, I call it out;
Their empty politics, I cast in doubt;
Bogus faith and blind belief, I’ll do without.

Anti art, black Renaissance in New York;
anti art,
my works are born of hip hop.
Crayons, spray, paintbrush, pencil, ballpen, what the hell?
What I want to say is if the content’s stripped away, then art’s just cash gone out to play.
I’m a pained outsider; do what I will, it’ll sell.    

*SAMO: “SAMe Old shit”.


Exhibition: Jean-Michel Basquiat, available from October 3rd, 2018 to January 14th, 2019. Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris.
Curator: Suzanne Pagé
Photography: Oscar Rivilla
Music: Dr. Symptosizer
Traduction: Rebekah Jane Rhode
Conceptual design: Carolina Verd


Main picture:
Courtesy of L’Showroom: white and silver dress by Natalia de Lara.
Courtesy of Finally: three-color boots by Pura López
Earrings by Sandra Palomar

Second picture:
Pants and blouse by Zara
Courtesy of Finally: orange ankle boots by Stuart Weitzman

Third picture:
Courtesy of L’Showroom: colored fur coat by M&L Mirror
Vintage maillot
Socks by Woolworth
Courtesy of Finally: boots by Stuart Weitzman

Fourth picture:
Courtesy of L’Showroom: colored jumper by M&L Mirror
Courtesy of Finally: Fur ankle boots by Stuart Weitzman

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