Atalanta. The desire

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The Greek mythology heroine Atalanta, devoted to goddess Artemisa, decides to never marry and live free in the woods, hunting. Every time a man wants her, Atalanta challenges him for a run, as the oracle had suggested to her she should not get married as she will “fall short of herself”, which seems to be a reference to her being transformed, metamorphosed… Only the one that wins the race can marry her. She is the fastest running through the woods so she can assure her freedom and eliminate her pretenders. Until Hippomenes, which she had noticed, wins her (or she lets him win) thanks to his scheme: to bring with him gold apples gifted to him by Aphrodite, goddess of love. When she stops to pick up the apples charmed by their magical beauty, Hippomenes reaches the finish line first. The irresistible desire that the golden apples awake for Atalanta made her lose for the first and last time in a race. Their love and desire is such that they consummate it in a sacred place dedicated to Cybele, so the goddess transforms them into lions so they can pull her chariot for eternity.

Today 4 of November and until the 28th is the inauguration of the collective exhibit around Desire organized by Sara Zaldívar in Espacio Lola. In this exhibit opened to the public each work presented by each artist expresses desire. Atalanta  is my proposal. Atalanta knows about desire, what you win and lose when you allow yourself to live it. 

What is desire….pulse to life, suffering, anxiety, consciousness, sensitive appetite, agitation and passion of the soul, different definitions in predominant philosophies through history. To unleash my desire will it mean to lose myself? Will I lose my privileges? Desire in its most essential place may connect to that most ancestral, the sacred and primitive born when life arrives. We come with inside longings and desires, eager to meet them, to fulfill ourselves.  When they are in their place, desire is beautiful, liberating, it secures challenges, exceeds them, escorts, inspires dreams and to live with intensity, in an absolute present that connects ourselves with life. I am curious, I dare, I allow, dream, live, don´t wait, I desire and accept. When desire conquers an area which does not correspond to it, it metamorphoses, mixes with fear, with the power, with ego, in a Pandora box opened without limit. I desire what I think I need. I need everything. I only desire. It is then when I dress in my armour, I fear, defy, cannot consider anything safe except my unsieved desire. Without seeing what occurs at each side, I lose perspective, my center….Today I collect gold apples with care, my desire in my hand attentive to its glow and place them softly on my lap. I look at them shine. And ask for a wish….

Photography: Juan Borgo

Art Direction: Carolina Verd y Juan Borgo

Music: Electrophorus music

Translation: Covadonga López-Fanjul

Look created exclusively for Atalanta by Ernesto Naranjo

Hair&Makeup: Guerlain for Sandro Nona