About Magritte. What once weighed me down now gives me sustenance

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Metamorphosis in the labyrinth

The artist is a magician who traps us in his game, showing us his inner self, making us participate in the language of his dreams with a final trick: our own vocabulary. He invites us to change our way of perceiving reality, to accompany him on his delirious journey and to become part of his work with our own interpretation. 

Past in the air

Until 30 January 2022, the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza is offering the first retrospective of René Magritte (1898-1967) to be held in Madrid since 1989, when the Fundación Juan March was presented for the first time in Spain with the work of the Belgian painter, considered to be one of the most outstanding representatives of Surrealism. «The Magritte Machine» is the title chosen this time by the Thyssen to highlight the repetitive and combinatory component in the artist’s work, whose obsessive themes return again and again with countless variations. Curated by Guillermo Solana, the museum’s artistic director, it is curated in collaboration with the Community of Madrid and brings together more than 90 paintings from institutions, galleries and private collections from all over the world, thanks to the support of the Magritte Foundation. The exhibition is completed by a selection of photographs and home movies made by the artist himself, which form part of a travelling exhibition curated by Xavier Canonne, director of the Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi, and will be shown in a special installation, courtesy of Ludion. After its presentation in Madrid, it will travel to CaixaForum in Barcelona.

Be aware that the artists are magicians

That’s not my face

Thats not my face

With a display of superpowers, each image is a trap to hunt the being. The hook is the atmosphere of contact that awakens a different reading for each one. Open to signifier and signified, according to culture and sensibility; it opens a door to dialogue and lucubration.   

It is your senses that deceive you, the game that arises is established between essence and appearance. Between what it seems to be and what it really is. 

Beware of artists! They are magicians, and their game tries to confuse us with what we see.  

Barks of me

Immersed in his world, what once weighed me down now gives me sustenance. The old has crumbled and fallen away to make room for the new. Contrast between the inert and the pulsating, white, grey, black, slipping away to give way to touching flesh, vibrant red, dilated blue. Like old tree bark, it no longer hurts. Leaving it behind, it falls away on its own.

Abandoned and cold abode, I enjoyed it, but no longer inhabit it. 

That’s not my face, I left it suspended from a dry branch with my travelling feet, along with more fragments of what I am no longer. 

I remembered the day when, in order to arrive on time and walk faster, I wished I had at least three more feet. 

I wished I had four hands, so that I could touch the treetops with my fingers and tie my shoes at the same time. I wish I had four hands to paint and eat at the same time… Four hands to open my cage… The Magritte machine.

Multifeetsity, polyarmsity

Photography: Juan Borgognoni

Art direction: Juan Borgognoni and Carolina Verd

Music: Electrophorus music

Photography Assistant: María José Válido

Production Assistant: Laura Índigo

Sculptures and masks: Nikoji


Main picture: Marlota

Picture 3: Marlota

Picture 5: Look created by Ernesto Naranjo exclusively to our tribute to Magritte

Hair&makeup: Guerlain. Naomi Gayoso assisted by Félix Tebar. Thanks María Borrás

Location: Parque Temático El Bosque Encantado